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    Department of design

    Research at the Design Department of the Hochschule Fresenius focuses on two fundamental goals: freedom of research and joint research. The fact that they do not have to contradict each other is shown by clustering in the department, as while the professors pursue their own research interests, they also come together in topics of design-specific research and thus form clusters with different tight-knit communities. Four main focuses are currently emerging, which are met with great interest within, and increasingly outside, the department. A large-scale, long-term project is “Visual Cultures”. It forms the umbrella theme of the Design Department of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, highlighting the visual levels of meaning between aesthetics, design and social significance, allowing colleagues to make individual contributions that appear in the department’s own publication series. The research focus “Clothing and Society” sets itself the task of rethinking the fashion theory between the coordinates of clothing, fashion, market and buyers, by bringing the image and function of clothing into the spotlight.

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    Research Focus I

    Visual cultures

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    Research Focus II

    Research Center Clothing & Society

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    Research Focus III

    Dimensions of the design

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    Research Focus IV

    Spaces and virtual realities

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    The question of what design means today is tackled principally in the research focus point “The Dimensions of Design”; because the inflation of the term “design” causes orientation difficulties. Finally, the Cluster “Spaces and Virtual Realities” tries to question the rapid development of 3D animation and to develop it further with creative approaches.

    The unity of history, present and future lies fundamentally at the center of our research. The historical integration of questions makes it possible to understand the present and to shape the future. The Departmental Deans that oversee the program also come together to discuss current research questions, as they take part in regular meetings to discuss research objectives. These think tanks create concepts for further research and conferences.


    Philipp Zitzlsperger

    Prodekan für Forschung

    Jacobowitz Hof, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin Germany


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