Research focus I

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    Research focus I

    Research focus I

    Visual cultures

    In the Design Department, the title of Visual Cultures addresses a wide range of topics and methods. The inclusion of “cultures” is intended to indicate that there are very different visual phenomena that are culturally dependent and thus, above all, historical. It is precisely this history of development that designates the historical and cultural roots of visual design. Their topicality is, in essence, the greatest possible; cultural dissemination or historical events receive new qualities through the unprecedented possibilities of medial propagation, and examples being the “War on Images” or a new iconoclasm. By its very nature, the Design Department is itself part of these visual cultures, which it must therefore critically scrutinize against the background of postcolonial theory. Visual cultures, as understood by the Design Department, are not only two-dimensional representations, but also the spatial conception through sculpture, architecture and urbanism. And in contrast to Anglo-American visual cultures, the Design Department aims to strengthen the historical approach by focusing on contemporary conflicts between high culture and subculture. The key to understanding visual cultures is their historical backbone and their anthropological, social and creative roots. Research from practice and theory is published in the series “Visuelle Kulturen” by the Design Department.



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