Research Focus II

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    Research Focus II

    research focus II


    Key words: Fashion Design, Fashion Theory, Textile Sciences, Clothing, Technology, Art, Media, Drawing Theory, Social Relevance, Fashion Management, Marketing

    Participating researchers: Prof. Dr. med. Steffen Grossmann, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Hackspiel-Mikosch, Prof. Dr. Petra Leutner, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Luig, Prof. Dr. Ingo Rollwagen, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Schlese, Prof. Dr. Elke-Katharina Wittich, Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Zitzlsperger

    The focus of this collection is the exploration of the relationship between clothing and society. Our task is to investigate interactions between different aspects of clothing from a “transdisciplinary” perspective (clothing as artifact, technique, commodity, medium and, system). From basic theoretical and empirical research, suggestions for further research and teachings, as well as for usable products, should be given. The current research focus of this collection is the semantic interaction between clothing and image. Both fashion and clothing are examined as visual codes, which on another level experience a tremendous medial distribution in image. The ontological relevance of clothing, its fashions and its images, which can hardly be overestimated, characterizes past and present cultural practices. They are a decidedly non-linguistic and sometimes pre-linguistic form of communication. Their pictures are so far only partially examined. In particular, the function of clothing and its imagery in art and commerce provides material for an expanded fashion theory that assumes that clothing constitutes society. This relationship cannot be overstated because, as a rule, the culture of clothing is interpreted reflexively, i.e. the culture and economy of clothing reacts to social and economic changes. However, the culture of clothing and its societies is both reactive and proactive. And in both directions, the research of the Design Department tries to differentiate between the two. Professors of the Department of Theory and Practice have already conducted seminal studies and interdisciplinary analyses in the past ten years. They should be continued and bundled in a research center with an international focus.


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